Romana Porumb (1979) was born in Romania into a half Romanian, half Hungarian artistic family. She began violin lessons at the “Ion Vidu“ National School for Art and Music in Timisoara, Romania, under the tutorage of her mother. In 2004 she graduated as performing musican and violin teacher from the state university for music, “West University“ in Timisoara. During this time she was supported by government scholarships awarded because of her exceptional preparation and performance at the state university for music. She followed this with study for a Masters degree tutored by composer and conductor Remus Georgescu and violinist Ioan Fernbach. Before she moved to the Netherlands she worked as permanent violinist of ”Banatul“ State Symphony Orchestra and performed as  a soloist and chamber musician in Romania and abroad. 

Romana Porumb graduated from the Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen in June 2009 where she studied with Florian Donderer, Veselina Manikova en Kati Sebestyen. She has followed masterclasses with Jaring Walta, Maurizio Fuks, Thomas Klug, Ronald Hoogeveen, Joris van Rijn and Roland Daugareil.  She was concertmaster and soloist with the Groningen student orchestra Mira and currently plays with the NNO (Noord Nederlands Orkest), Camerata Ardesko, Sebes Ensemble and Phantasy Ensemble.

Sebes Ensemble